The Mayflower Hotel

The Mayflower Hotel

When Bill W., sober only a few months, was in Akron for a business deal in 1935, he stayed in the Mayflower Hotel.  The business deal fell through and on Mothers Day weekend Bill, down to his last ten dollars, was pacing the lobby, listening to the sounds of merriment from the hotel's bar.  Remembering that working with other alcoholics had helped him to stay sober, he went to the pay phone in the lobby and called a local clergyman, Reverend Tunks, to try to find a local alcoholic he could talk with.  This phone call led to his meeting with Dr. Bob and the beginings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Mayflower is now an assisted living facility and is not generally open to the public, but does welcome A.A. visitors to see the replica of the 1935 telephone and Church Directory now in the restored lobby.  At the security gate inside the front door, buzz the intercom and tell the guard you're a friend of Bill W. to gain entrance.

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